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    Sold - 2002 530i Sport Auto - e39

    • BMW 530i Sport Individual – 2002 - Date of First Registration – 05/12/2002
    • Individual Velvet Blue paintwork with Individual Nappa Cream/White leather upholstery.
    • 108k miles, with NCT until Sept 2022.
    • Demo +1 UK owner until May 2014 when I bought and imported it (with 85k miles).

    Price - €6750

    • Contact me for further details.
    • Please forgive the photo’s. The heaven’s opened when I took it out to fill some fuel. They’re just to give a sense of the car. I’ll try to retake them in the next few days.
    • Specification – Genuinely huge specification, details below:

    VIN xxxxxxxxxxCK17702
    Type code DT62
    Type 530I (EUR)
    E series E39 ()
    Series 5
    Type LIM
    Steering RL
    Doors 4
    Engine M54
    Displacement 3.00
    Power 170
    Drive HECK
    Transmission AUT
    Upholstery SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) 2002-07-01

    Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
    S210A DYNAMISCHE STAB. CONTROL (DSC) Dynamic stability control
    S249A MULTIFUNKTION FUER LENKRAD Multifunction f steering wheel
    S261A SEITENAIRBAG FUER FONDPASSAGIERE Side airbags for rear passengers
    S265A REIFEN DRUCK CONTROL (RDC) Tyre pressure control (TPC)
    S302A ALARMANLAGE Alarm system
    S320A MODELLSCHRIFTZUG ENTFALL Deleted, model lettering
    P337A M SPORTPAKET M Sports package
    S352A DOPPELVERGLASUNG Insulating double-glazing
    S403A GLASDACH, ELEKTRISCH Glass roof, electrical
    S416A SONNENSCHUTZROLLOS Roller sun vizor, rear lateral
    S428A WARNDREIECK Warning triangle and first aid kit
    S430A INNEN-/AUSSENSPIEGEL AUT.ABBLENDEND Interior/outside mirror with auto dip
    S438A EDELHOLZAUSFUEHRUNG Fine wood trim
    S441A RAUCHERPAKET Smoker package
    S459A SITZVERSTELLUNG, ELEKTR.MIT MEMORY Seat adjuster, electric, with memory
    S469A KINDERSITZE IM FOND, INTEGRIERT Integrated child seats
    S494A SITZHEIZUNG FUER FAHRER/BEIFAHRER Seat heating driver/passenger
    S500A SCHEINW.WASCHANL./INTENSIVREINIGUNG Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning
    S508A PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) Park Distance Control (PDC)
    S521A REGENSENSOR Rain sensor
    S522A XENON-LICHT Xenon Light
    S534A KLIMAAUTOMATIK Automatic air conditioning
    S601A TV-FUNKTION TV function
    S609A NAVIGATIONSSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Navigation system Professional
    S632A KOMPLETTVORB. BMW HANDY (MOTOROLA) Preparation BMW Handy (Motorola)
    S677A HIFI SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL HiFi System Professional DSP
    S694A CD-WECHSLER VORBEREITUNG Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer
    S705A M SPORTFAHRWERK II M sports suspension II
    S710A M LEDERLENKRAD M sports steering wheel, multifunction
    S715A M AERODYNAMIKPAKET M Aerodynamics package
    S760A INDIVIDUAL HOCHGLANZ SHADOW LINE High gloss shadow line
    S778A EINSTIEGSLEISTEN "BMW INDIVIDUAL" Individual BMW identification
    S785A WEISSE BLINKLEUCHTEN White direction indicator lights
    S788A M LEICHTMETALLRAEDER BMW LA wheel, Individual
    S850A ZUSAETZL. TANKFUELLUNG EXPORT Additional Export tank filling
    S863A SERVICE KONTAKT-FLYER EUROPA Retailer Directory Europe
    S877A UEBERKREUZBEDIENUNG ENTFALL Delete cross-pattern operation
    S880A ENGLISCH / BORDLITERATUR On-board vehicle literature English

    S202A STEPTRONIC Steptronic
    S853A SPRACHVERSION ENGLISCH Language version English

    S431A INNENSPIEGEL,AUTOMATISCH ABBLENDEND Interior mirror with automatic-dip
    S473A ARMAUFLAGE VORN Armrest front
    S555A BORDCOMPUTER On-board computer V with remote control

    ---- Processing Individual
    Sign "BMW individual"
    0490 Color
    Paintwork "velvetblue-metallic", (code 379).
    Z1XX Upholstery
    Upholstery extended leather Nappa creamwhite (nb. 2 423 379)
    Sewing thread sandbeige (8 174 131), code 0972 B.
    Quilting yarn sandbeige (8 174 137), code 0972 B.
    Plastic parts of seats in black
    Seam of front and rear seats according to standard option
    leather Montana
    Remainder of spec. as standard leather Montana black (code N6SW)

    MOT History

    Registration mark: LC52XEV
    Make/Model: BMW / 530
    Colour: BLUE
    VIN/Chassis No: WBADT62020CK17702
    Approximate date of first use: 05/12/2002
    Type of fuel: Petrol

    Date of test: 23/11/2006 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 42,278 Miles - Test expiry date: 22/11/2007 - No Advisory Notice issued
    Date of test: 30/11/2007 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 52,772 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2008 - No Advisory Notice issued
    Date of test: 11/11/2008 - Certificate issue refused (Fail) - Odometer reading: 63,836 Miles - Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate
    Nearside Front Tyre tread depth below requirements of 1.6mm (4.1.E.1)
    Offside Front Tyre tread depth below requirements of 1.6mm (4.1.E.1)
    Date of test: 11/11/2008 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 63,837 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2009 - No Advisory Notice issued
    Date of test: 05/11/2009 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 69,568 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2010 - Advisory Notice issued - Nail in offside front tyre
    Date of test: 22/11/2010 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 75,068 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2011 - No Advisory Notice issued
    Date of test: 25/11/2011 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 79,007 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2012 - Advisory Notice issued - Nail in offside rear tyre, Very small bulge in NSF tyre sidewall
    Date of test: 21/11/2012 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 82,042 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2013 - No Advisory Notice issued
    Date of test: 25/11/2013 - Certificate issued (Pass) - Odometer reading: 85,752 Miles - Test expiry date: 29/11/2014 - No Advisory Notice issued

    NCTS History
    o At VRT declaration – 86277 miles.
    o NCT Test – 18/08/2015 – 93500 miles.
    o NCT Test – 11/03/2016 – 97579 miles.
    o NCT Test – 23/05/2017 – 98925 miles.
    o NCT Test – 30/05/2018 – 100526 miles.
    o NCT Test – 05/07/2019 – 106641 miles.
    o NCT Test – 21/09/2021 – 108450 miles.
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