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As in the android unit or the ccc unit? I have an idea what's wrong with the android unit I just need the right boot files to do a hard reset, but I'm having trouble online finding the right ones. Im thinking should I just buy a second hand ccc unit and leave it stock, buy another android head unit or go the cic route. All I want is to be able to stream music through Bluetooth and be able to use the steering wheel to change tracks.

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CCC to CIC isn't too bad, what is a pain is that you need a BN2000 combox, there's a whole bunch of models that will work, but they're getting hard to find, you'd almost be better off looking at an NBT upgrade as that way you wouldn't need the combox and I think you'd do it close enough to the CIC upgrade, either way, you'd have to change the center console trim to accommodate the different controller.

I'm in the same position as you, I have CCC in my 630 and I'll probably go NBT EVO ID6.