So another little job ticked off the list this evening.

As mentioned previously both the headlights were oxidised with the drivers side been the worst of the two.

I picked up a holts restoration kit last week and went about having a go at the drivers side headlight this evening.

Have to say while not perfect there is a vast improvement, its a great little kit with everything you need to restore the headlight.

4 different grades of sandpaper, ranging from 800 to 3000 an abrasive polish and finally a sealer. Also two microfiber cloths and a drill attachment for the polishing.

Considering my battery died on the 3rd grade of sanding I finished the final stage and polishing paste by hand the result was better than I expected.

A nice way to spend a hour or so this evening, will tackle the passenger side tomorrow evening, should not take as long as it is in much better condition than the drivers side.

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