Moe's e70 X5 Review

I have owned a 2007 e70 X5 since 2009. Its a 7 Seater, full msport spec. Its a 3ltr diesel an remapped fro economy. My wife drives it every day. Here is my review of it along with links I looked at when buying mine.

We bought this cause we have kids and dogs. Its massive. The e70 X5 came out in November 2006. It is manufactured alongside the new, 2009 BMW X6 at BMW's Greer, South Carolina plant in the USA and BMW's facility in Toluca, Mexico.

I think the styling is a major upgrade from the previous model e53. Its wider, and longer. Very intimidating car especially with the wider Msport track. Hansom brute. The driving position is very high with great road view, but little view of the road so navigating down tight car lines streets is a nerve racking process. The interior is very e60 5 series but noticeably wider.

The 3lt Diesel is the most common Irish model although the twin turbo version from the 535d is available and sweet as a nut. However the 3ltr single turbo is a fine engine. Surprisingly fast off the line, especially with the always on 4WD. Fuel consumption is around 30 on motorway trips and around town about 18-19mpg. All in all the consumption sucks.

Good Points
  • Big and Comfortable, king of the road type car.
  • Loads of room for kids, dogs etc.
  • Powerful engines, good towing capacity.
  • Styling is great.
  • Fine dynamics for such a big car, feels like a car not a boat.

Bad Points:
  • Service cost, the brakes and tyers are the big ones. Such a heavy car.
  • Reliability issues, hard on suspension parts, fuel pump prone to failure, oil seal leaks from drive shaft, interior trim issues, battery issues need a upgraded battery over 50 control units to power on start-up the OEM battery is not up to the task.
  • Depreciation...Oh my god.
  • Costs more at the car wash

My Advice to prospective buyers
1. Buy on condition but driving style is important. A car that has done a lot of short journeys is going to show more wear and tear.
2. Get it on a ramp and inspect the suspension, its hugely complex so get a professional.
3. Make sure all the interior buttons and trim are all present and working, especially the handbrake button.
4. City driving will cost you.
5. The alloys will get curbed, live with it.
6. The bumper trim gets oxydised, easy to clean dont worry about that.
7. Great in the snow.
8. New rubber is worth nearly 2k on the bigger alloys.

Will update as I think of things.