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    Ducati Multistrada S DVT

    The time is coming to put the bike back on the road.

    When I got the bike back to Ireland I took it up to Milsport in the north to get it looked at, the changed the plugs, HT leads, fuel pump and a whole lot of other things and they couldn't resolve the bogging under throttle issue.

    After three months I got a phone call telling me that they found the problem and that it was the HT lead, it had been changed twice but somehow it fell through the cracks.

    They did let me use this for 6 weeks, Monster 1200 S, which was a lot of fun, 170 kg, 150hp and a quick shifter, so pin the throttle and just go up through the gears, the bike had a full race Termignoni system so popped and banged like crazy, it would also rev match on the down shift so just sounded ridiculous, absolutely loved this bike but it's not a tourer, 200km on it and you'd be sore.

    I got the Multistrada picked up and delivered to a friend of mine in Wexford with a heated garage which is where it has sat since October. Hopefully it starts up without issue, it's been on a battery tender the last few months so there shouldn't be an issue.

    I'll take the M5 off the road and use this as my daily from the start of April.

    I'm doing my next trip in June covering Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and finally into Montenegro. Given how much fun I had in Greece, I cannot wait for this one, it should be epic, I'm going to be filming it too, so that should be interesting.

    The bike has 26k km on it now, it'll probably be on about 30k by the time I head for Croatia, so I will likely carry out the major service (timing belt etc) and trade it in for a new one at the end of the season. Selling bikes in Ireland is a bit odd, when you approach the 40k km mark, they're very hard to shift.
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