Im not going to bore everyone to death about where to look / what to do blah blah blah.

Just want to post my findings that I dont think have been given enough attention and is crucial to a complete reinforcement.

We all know its the front right and back left mounts that suffer. I wanted to see what the top side of the front right mount looked like. This involved removing the rear seats, back rests, seat belt and the bracket for the back rests.

I have not yet opened the left mount because i dont expect there to be any failures but I will now just to be sure.

I wont open the rear mounts because I am lead to believe there are extra spot welds in my car that dont usually fail.

Here are some pics and I would suggest others should open it and re weld it.

Just to show you what my floor looks like, so you can see that my m3 has the typical floor cracks and is not far gone at all. I could not believe the damage I had inside that cavity.