Cabrio front lower strut brace - 70e each (2)
Coupe cabrio rear clear lights ,pair - 30e
Coupe cabrio clear indicators - 10e have by one 5e each
Front wing indicators - 10e
Msport steering wheel with air bag ,bmw badge damaged - 90e
Headlights ,very good condition - 40e pair
Coupe (sunroof ) black head lining complete kit - 50e
Coupe sunroof complete working unit - 50e
Motorsport wheel Style 24 with tire - 50e
M3 side skirts ,pair - 20e
M3 lowering springs ,low enough - 40e full set 4 springs
M3 front shocks EVO top mounts ,springs ,VGC - 80e
M3 EVO front wishbones VGC - 80e pair
Steering rack - 30e
Speed clocks - 20e each
High OBC clocks - 10e each other parts for upgrade 10e each
Coupe cabrio bonnet ,think its arctic silver - 30e
Coupe M3 boot lid spoiler - 50e
Car jack - 10e
Safety triangle - 10e
Wheel wrench - 5e
Other spanners ,tools - 2e each
M3 front bumper ,cracked ,repaired ,drift car - 30e
Coupe front wings ,pre facelift ,very minimal rust surface spots - 20e each
Front main panels - 20e each
M3 EVO flywheel with clutch kit - 100e
M3 EVO front ARB roll bar with bushes and brackets - 30e
M3 throttle bodies - 100e
Inlet manifold with trumpets - 50e
Bare inlet manifold - 20e
Z3 M prop shaft - 50e
E36 M3 EVO prop shaft - 50e
Coupe door mirrors - 20e each
Mtech door and wing moldings by one - 5 - 10e each
E36 328i open diff - 100e
E36 M3 front sub frame - 30e


Coupe boot lid with lip spoiler and inner lights ,blue - 50e
Boot lid lip spoiler - 30e
Saloon boot lid ,blue, with inner lights - 30e
Saloon SE rear bumper - 20e
Saloon SE side skirts - 20e
Saloon front hand rest grey leather - 50e
Coupe front black leather hand rest,VGC - 50e
Light modules - 30e other modules
CD changers - 50e each
Msport door moldings - 10e each
M3 rear brake discs ,suits track car - 20e
Radio units - 20e
Steering rack M3 - 50e
Coupe door mirrors - 50e each not folding
Saloon door mirrors - 20e each
Open diffs from - 50e
M3 front lower aluminum reinforcement plate - 10e
Starter motor most engines - 30e
M3 E46 exhaust back box - 50e
M52TU exhaust complete - 50e
Rear axle top aluminum arms - 10e each
Rear axle camber arms E36 E46 all - 10e each
E46 M3 door step sills - 30e

and much more