CarPro has been re-stocked; I know a few people are waiting on a few items from them!

Also, we've added a few new products from their range.

CarPro Essence Gloss Primer
This product is causing a stir in the Detailing scenes around the world. Often products that claim to be an All-in-One type product, tend to be comprimised in their performance. However, Essence, is getting rave review from everyone that has tried it.
Essentially its a polish, glaze and sealant in one. It contains abrasives (polish), high durable gloss resins (glaze), and nano tech Quartz (sealant). It is also the perfect base for CarPro's CQuartz nano protection, which is durable for 24 months.
The result is massive time saving. The product works best used on a machine but can be used by hand also. You are able to polish defects in the paintwork, fill the remaining ones, and leave protection, all in one the time you would usually have done one polishing set...if you want more correction, you use a pad with more cut.

Check it out in action - Essence Video

CarPro Inside - Leather and Interior Cleaner
While this products doesnt offer a totally revolutionary approach, in the same way Essence does, it does its job very well.

See it perform - Inside Video

CarPro Fat Boa Drying Towel
Edgeless and soft - 800gsm but performs like a 1200gsm cloth

Video of it in action - Fat Boa Drying Towel

CarPro Merino Wash Mitt
Extremely soft, long pile