I been trying to sort my soft brake pedal issue on my e46 m3. Maybe anyone has any ideas.

What I ve done so far:

. Changed Front Rotors

. Changed Front and Rear Pads to EBC Red Stuff

. Put Stainless brake lines

. Bled with all new fluid

. Bled brakes again, no air.

brakes still soft. When the car is off, the brake pedal stops half way and you cant push further.

When the car is on, you can press brake pedal very far, after pressing on it 2 or 3 times I can pretty much press the brake to the floor. Very mushy feel, no bite, seems that I cant even engage ABS.

I checked front pads and they seem destroyed... Rears look alright. Pads look very soft, I used them before on my IS250 and Ek4 Sir with no issues, but i guess drilled disc destroys them, I got textar pads to throw on see if it makes a difference.

I am thinking maybe it could be something with brake booster or master cylinder? I also read that incorrectly fitted pads can causes soft pedal. So I will check that next. Any advice what to look for?

Front Pads, after me doing couple of stops.