Hi All,

I have a squeak coming from the rear left of my '09 e90 32d msport and its driving me INSANE! It has been in the car to a lesser degree since I bought it 12 months ago but got alot worse this month. About nine months ago I got alot of rear suspension parts (1000) replaced because the back of the car was steering as much as the front but the squeak was still there after! My bigger concern is that the the rear of the car is still vague when cornering and maybe the two are connected.

The shocks currently on the car are KYB Excel-G 349041, when I look these up they are not for the msport model, could a worn shock be the cause of my squeek and the warn/wrong shock the vague rear end? The only identifying marks I can find on the springs is D3 could this also be the wrong part?

Sorry for the vague description but all help is appreciated,