Aaaaaaannnddd... Boom. The tax ran out.

Back into the heated storage now for the winter.

Depending on how I get on with my new shed, rally car and Mk2 GTI projects, some relatively big stuff ahead for the Big Girl. Whether or not it all gets done before the summer, I couldn't honestly say.

1. New front tyres. Current ones are Korean ditchfinders, unbelievably bad, and terrifying in the wet.

2. That effing Vanos rattle. Has to be done, before I tax the car again, end of.

3. Timing chain guides, and chains if necessary.

4. Big end bearings for the crank.

No doubt some of that will unearth other bits needing attention like say perished hoses and the like.
Better start saving.... But it'll be worth it.
'Cos, as always, Big Girls need lovin' too.

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