Quick heads up folks!!!
Our shop has proved quite successful, and space has become quite limited as we are continually expanding the range we offer....and we want to be able to offer even more.
The current shop, for those that have been in it, is now closed, and we will have no walk in facility through until Monday 5th June, when our new shop will open.
The new place is right next door to ProParts; many will know it. The location is 3 mins from the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre; so drop herself off, and spin around...ideal time to spend money, when she's just bought new shoes / handbag!

With the extra space, with facility to get a car in and out, we will be able to offer so much more...our old shop was essentially an office, upstairs, but it served us well while we got a feel for whether a shop would be successful!!
Scope now for Product Demo Days, Training, and more

Thanks for reading and your continued support and loyalty
Detailing Shed