Time to sell my second honda s2000, moving this on as already have another and want to get a 535d so will do a deal with one of those

2001 Honda S2000

Original Irish car, no rust underneath, very clean
118k NCT 04/18

I bought this 2 years ago, my 2nd s2000

changed roof to glass,
braided lines,
leather re-upholstered
New calipers,
Irish car

clutch changed in September 2016, flywheel skimmed CV cup swap .... black interior all round, very tight car....

PRICE dropped to 7450 - as front bumper scuffed by neigbour so needs respray

(Tct refurbished in december) New pads on the front to be fitted this week

I will listen to offers, really want a 535d but might be interested in any other e60 or some other diesel bmw

With my Photobucket now having issues i'll link the donedeal advert