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I love them
Me too

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The unfortunate fact is their market positioning means it competed against probably the best driver cars in the class (and maybe in the real world generally) in the shape of the Porsche Boxter and/or Cayman. The Porsches may have been a little bit more expensive, but not to a mad extent and drivers would have appreciated the dynamics advantage.
That's a very good point, I wasn't thinking of the competition to be honest. Compared to the M2 that's going up against an under steering Audi and a front biased AWD Mercedes, it's certainly tougher competition. Although I have to say while I'm sure the Cayman / Boxter are amazing, I've never wanted one, they just do nothing for me, whereas I've lusted over Z4s ever since I first laid eyes on the e85 back in 2002. I remember Top Gear tested the Z4 against a boxter and an s2000, and 15 years later my order of preference is still Z4 > S2000 > Boxter.