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Sure buy them over here so Brian and bring them back in you suitcase. You’ll save a fortune!
That would be some Suitcase John

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Yes, they are a pricey bit of kit, but if I may, give one or two benefits of them.
Aside from looking great, if you were to re-located, you can lift them and reuse them quite easily. If you were to move house and hadnt space to re-use them, you could sell them. If you compare them to other flooring options, they represent good value. Epoxy needs to be applied quite often and doesnt wear uniformly, so can look quite poor quite quickly. On expoxy wear tracks from moving a car in and out appear quickly, and you cant just paint those localised areas...well you can, but it'd look as cat as the worn areas. If you were to go for an actual tile, the surface needs to be 100% before laying, and not exactly easy to lift if somewhere were to go wrong or wanted to move house.
I Totally Agree Curran, ive a Concrete floor in my Garage but its cracked.. and will always crack, the ground here is soft and with the cold winters/warm summers it shifts quite a bit, the Tile would be perfect for the job, i just cant drop the cash on it this year, since ive a wedding to pay for in November