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    Michael...whats this about now. This is the problem right here, you have gotten hot and bothered now and are trying to blame me for this and sending me dodgy texts. This is no way to carry on business. Thanks for posting my phone number BTW.

    I thanked you for the service, but the job was not great. Now I tend to be very polite and avoid conflict, but this is the just not right. I talked to another fellow, (who got your name off me BTW who came down from the north with another 911 to you), off the ledge when he rang me in a panic about the job you were doing for him that was going pear shaped.

    Here is my recollection of the job you did for me, and if you read my review above you will see I was being very very nice about it, and up until you start sending me texts today I thought you were a decent chap who deserved a chance.

    1. Agree job and price and you get the parts ordered. I drop car off early one Saturday and return 12 hours later to a lockup in the middle of nowhere. I spend 2 hours there freezing my balls off cause the jobs not finished on time. You eventually give up and say come back. I drive with Marek back to your house; the car was not on a trickle charger so the dash is all lit up from being drained all day. I get home at about 12am car wont lock, errors still on the dash. This left a code on the car that actually go me into trouble with my warranty but I talked my way out of it cause I know the chap in the Porsche center.

    2. I text you about it, Marek (he is the helper) comes on Monday so two days on my drive unlocked. He takes both door cards off and finds a connection not put back in place. Fixed problem, breaks one clip (Nipple fastener) on the door panel, I dont stress about it, he is a nice chap. I order a new clip (Weekend one gone).

    3. Radio wont work now is "only" problem, and didn’t when I left your place the previous weekend. I return the following weekend to your house in Lucan. I leave the car with you and I go away for a few hours. You ring me and say it’s the head unit. You pick me up from in Lucan village where I was wasting another Saturday and we drive to Liffy valley where we go to halfords and pick up a headunit at twice the price. (it wasnt the head unit was the problem anyway so this was all a waste of time but these things happen). You install the head unit and things seem to work. Happy days. Off I go. The fitment of the surround plate is crap, you say they are all like that. I am just happy it works. While I was there I talked to two other customer waiting to have things fixed, one chap in a f10 who got coding and another guy in an e46 getting something else fixed. I am getting stressed now. (I actually missed quite an important appointment to see one of my girls do Ballet cause it took 2 hours longer than your estimate).

    4. Head unit won’t come on next day. I spend Sunday trying to get it to work but it won’t and text you. You come out to me the following week and can’t fix it. You think it’s the amp (which turns out wasn’t the amp you had priced with DSP but a different one but that didn't matter at that stage cause the new head unit has DSP)...or maybe the new head unit. You leave and plan to come back. I think you came back a second time but I forget now, lost my phone and don’t have those texts, you seem to have left them out above. (That’s weekend two gone.)

    5. I am freaking out that I have fucked my 911. I pull the whole thing apart and check it myself download the manuals for the amp and crossovers and set to work. There is a bad ground to the amp which I freshen, and the inputs are reversed on the headunit so its not powering on the amp from the RCA signal (yes mistakes happen, and people have shit going on in their lives, but usually it’s not up to customers to figure them out and start tearing their cars apart...usually). This took me hours to find out, I am not an expert in this area and was learning on the job. The ignition signal to the head unit was working on my multimeter but it will only power on the after a few minutes. The mic for the Bluetooth phone is from the original head-unit and doesn't really work properly. One of the original rear speakers has a hiss. I am just happy the radio works again and its not bricked. I cut my losses and say its fine. If it had not been tolerable I would have gone elsewhere to get that sorted or the original head unit put back in because it was a cluster fuck and I had totally lost confidence. It would often switch off randomly and there was no good GPS signal. There was a decent tear in the leather on the middle console too I didn’t mention it cause really I am relieved just to be done and my time is more valuable than the repair. Weekend 3 gone. My wife ate the hole off me for wasting so much time on the car and for breaking it. I blamed myself...rightly.

    6. I text you some time later, maybe I had been drinking? to say it was fine, maybe I was feeling bad you were out to my house so many times. And I understand that things happen. The service was good that’s true, the job was bad and the final result messy and it wasted a lot of my time. If you read the text I sent with a cynical eye you would pick that up. You text me about a 640d, I declined the offer.

    7. I start hearing a load of similar stories and feel my recommendations for you in the past may have been misjudged. I hear your out of Dublin and off the grid so its safe to assume your out of business I post a pretty tame review on here, my relief that the 911 was not totally broken had faded, and my confirmation bias was gone. I was a little sore about the job to be honest. The fact it was a mess is half the reason I flipped the car.

    8. I get this text (no personal info I hope its ok mods if not delete)

    This is not the way to fix your reputational damage. The way to deal with it was....
    Dear Maurice, sorry to hear you were unhappy with the job blah balh blah, if there is anything I could do bhal blah. If you want to get into an argument with a customer on a forum do by all means its good sport for me, and I am on every forum going. And I do apologies. I should have strongly aired my displeasure at the time, but I felt trapped and I had judged your personality to one where you would get thick and shut down if I lost my cool with you. I am a good judge of character. I have done business with most of the traders on the forums and they will testify that I am reasonable.
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