Exciting news that I've been approved to go ahead and get the word out there!

D'Shed is an Approved Feynlab Installer !!!

Most wont have heard about Feynlab, but here's a bit of background; they arent exactly a brand new company!
FEYNLAB first distributed its revolutionary coating products as a private label for well-known coating brands, quickly establishing an outstanding reputation for durability, appearance, and protection. To expand their vision, FEYNLAB now offers its state of the art nano technology surface care products directly to installers and the public. They have innovated, developed, and tested many surface care technologies which are now available exclusively through FEYNLAB.

Currently we are approved to apply their Ceramic line up
- Ceramic Lite - 1 year coating
- Ceramic - 3 year coating
- Ceramic Plus - 5 year coating, with 40% self healing ability

In the coming weeks training on the Self Heal coatings will be completed and will be able to offer those also
- Self Heal Lite - 5 year coating, with 60% self healing ability
- Self Heal Plus - 7 year coating, with 100% self healing ability

What is Self Healing ability?
Essentially the coating is able to repair itself with the introduction of heat - it will heal itself instantly if heated above 60 degrees celsius, removing fine scratches, swirl marks and wash marring. At room temperature these imperfections will heal over a number of days. With use of a hairdryer, warm water or parking your vehicle in the sun will accelerate the healing process also.

Here's a quick demo! Enjoy this magic occur before your eyes!

Thanks for looking! Any queries, shoot me a PM!