SPIRIT is back!

Mark Twain’s quip comes to mind:

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

It turns out Brian is going mobile but has a new premises sorted. Nice to her!

Countless Golf's and their owners have been through the doors of Spirit Detailing here in Leixlip, so its kind of nice to finish in here with a beautiful Golf R. While Lapiz Blue is very striking, there is a super sensitive clearcoat on them that suffers easily from blemishes. If I can sway your opinion, grey rocks!!

As for me, well I'm going to be literally back in the saddle next week. A lot of my clients were in touch to find out if I can still take care of their cars, so I guess you can't keep a good man down.

There will be a few changes though. Initially, I will be offering a mobile service to cater for clients that need maintenance and interim details. For people that have garages & covered areas for their cars, I can do more restorative projects on site. I only did this before on cars that the owners did not wish to take on the road. So my services just became a lot more convenient for prestige car owners.

Hopefully, and soon enough I will be back into a nicely-fronted commercial unit. I do have a premises but its a temporary measure and not pretty!! If anybody is interested in a paint correction or an intensive detail, I can collect & return the car and look after you that way. Collections will be limited geographically though but we can arrange something.

I'll be taking bookings from next week, and already have some cars arranged. However, I still need to update my webpage, so ignore that for now.

Many thanks & see you soon - Brian

PS, thank you for the good wishes and support in my last facebook post. It felt like I was reading my own obituary lol