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Thread: Alan's new(ish) X5 40d

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    Alan's new(ish) X5 40d

    Even though the 07 X5 was under 100k miles and pretty much issue free I bit the bullet and picked up a 2012 40d X5

    It's nice to be back in the 300+ bhp bracket again - and the 600nm of torque is nice too.

    It's a pretty damn quick car/yoke. It also has the 'bad roads package' which basically means it's raised suspension by 10mm to compensate for the 10mm drop being a M Sport.

    Ironically it's a slightly lower spec than my 07 (which was a demo launch vehicle) and I do miss the sunroof (although not the rattles and occasional blocked drain)

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    Looks great Alan. Wish you all the best with the new motor / YOKE

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    Very nice, wear well. It'll be interesting to see your thoughts on the differences between an 07 and a 12

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    Big difference - refinement...

    I put 30k miles on the 07 so it was similar mileage (94k) to the 2012 (88k)...

    The 07 had new tyres and pretty much all new suspension (and a new nct)... It was a SE with the dynamic pack (so m-sport suspension)

    The biggest difference is the 07 was harsh on the road... You could feel the compression if you went over even a small dip on a motorway. Basically it was very bouncy. The 12 is way more refined on the road even though it has the same suspension (albeit with the bad roads pack), the same RFT tyres and the same size wheels (20"). It could also be because it's a 7 seater rather than a 5 seater. It's far less crashynand bouncy on the road.

    The other real noticeable difference is the 8 speed gearbox compared to the old 6 speed one. The twin turbo probably helps too :-) it seems always to be in the right gear... Downshifts are barely noticed and there are NO flat spots.

    Steering is much lighter (but still gives good feedback). The N series engine is much more refined and quieter than the M series one. Definitely less agricultural. Fuel economy is maybe 10% better (mid 20's mixed driving).

    I haven't driven it at night yet so I don't know how the standard xenon will compare to the adaptive xenon I used to have.

    Interior is pretty much the same on the surface but the seats seem more comfortable and the I-drive is years ahead (CIC vs CCC). The 12 has the professional media so 20gb of storage and good Bluetooth streaming. The quality of the sound is ok - it's no match for the high end surrounded sound system the 07 had but it's certainly 'grand'.

    Looks wise the 12 is a msport so it loses the side steps and gains nice exhaust tips. It looks smaller in ways than the old one (but that's probably because of the colour and lack of black arch extensions/side steps).

    The only other thing I noticed (and maybe because it's new tyres) the 4wd is a bit intrusive pulling away with steering lock on - you can feel it pulling and dragging - the 07 never felt that way.

    Overall - no regrets and having an unlimited mileage 2 year BMW warranty is a big plus

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    Quick update now that I'm over 100k miles....

    Nothing has gone wrong...

    Ok.ok... the no 1 radio button fell off yesterday but I stuck it back in (will probably get it replaced under warranty).

    The shuddering I mentioned before was the transfer case but an oil change (under warranty) sorted that out and it's never raised it's head again..

    And finally I think I need a new rear wiper blade. The BMW first thing knocked about 300 off the last service and now it gets me a free wiper blade....

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    So the irony is that once I got over 100k miles it started to bother me.....

    Everything out there seems to have intergalactic mileage - and tbh I'm not a fan of the F15 exterior....

    So ummmm... I've sold the X5 and plan on picking up the replacement towards the end of the week....

    It's back to my roots as such - but those that know me will understand when I say it's my 5th one

    Not sure I want to post pics just yet... Don't want to jinx it - although it got a clean bill of health when I got it checked over yesterday....

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    Deal done... All changed over....

    It's very different and tbh you can't compare the 2... The closest in BMW terms would probably be an 8 series grand coupe

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    Fab looking car, well wear with it! What engine/spec, etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dergside View Post
    Fab looking car, well wear with it! What engine/spec, etc?
    Ah yeah... It's that dreaded Audi v6 diesel.. although it sounds like a petrol.. no diesel clatter at all...

    To be fair it's half a tonne lighter than the X5 so with 250bhp and 550 of torque is got 'adequate' power

    Spec-wise it's relatively standard.. Bose sound system, heated wheel, seats etc... They have a very high spec to begin with...

    It's basically a 4 seater hatchback 7 series equivalent so it's not as wide as the X5 but is longer...

    The interior is really something special in fairness.. reminds me of an airline cockpit.. in terms of driving dynamics and handling - it's still very porsche-ish

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    So not one of the E-Hybrid ones with the luminous yellow/green calipers - what were they thinking....

    Well to wear - they have great road presence and much more class than an X5. The big SUV's will become socially unacceptable in the next few years of course and the arse will fall out of the market in turn.
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