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    Big difference - refinement...

    I put 30k miles on the 07 so it was similar mileage (94k) to the 2012 (88k)...

    The 07 had new tyres and pretty much all new suspension (and a new nct)... It was a SE with the dynamic pack (so m-sport suspension)

    The biggest difference is the 07 was harsh on the road... You could feel the compression if you went over even a small dip on a motorway. Basically it was very bouncy. The 12 is way more refined on the road even though it has the same suspension (albeit with the bad roads pack), the same RFT tyres and the same size wheels (20"). It could also be because it's a 7 seater rather than a 5 seater. It's far less crashynand bouncy on the road.

    The other real noticeable difference is the 8 speed gearbox compared to the old 6 speed one. The twin turbo probably helps too :-) it seems always to be in the right gear... Downshifts are barely noticed and there are NO flat spots.

    Steering is much lighter (but still gives good feedback). The N series engine is much more refined and quieter than the M series one. Definitely less agricultural. Fuel economy is maybe 10% better (mid 20's mixed driving).

    I haven't driven it at night yet so I don't know how the standard xenon will compare to the adaptive xenon I used to have.

    Interior is pretty much the same on the surface but the seats seem more comfortable and the I-drive is years ahead (CIC vs CCC). The 12 has the professional media so 20gb of storage and good Bluetooth streaming. The quality of the sound is ok - it's no match for the high end surrounded sound system the 07 had but it's certainly 'grand'.

    Looks wise the 12 is a msport so it loses the side steps and gains nice exhaust tips. It looks smaller in ways than the old one (but that's probably because of the colour and lack of black arch extensions/side steps).

    The only other thing I noticed (and maybe because it's new tyres) the 4wd is a bit intrusive pulling away with steering lock on - you can feel it pulling and dragging - the 07 never felt that way.

    Overall - no regrets and having an unlimited mileage 2 year BMW warranty is a big plus

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