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Sorry to hear about the Z4 Peter. I can understand why you would want rid of the car straight away. Put it behind you...onwards and upwards.
Thanks Nick, yea just wouldn't be the same anymore. Onwards and upwards indeed, I think I've had all the fun I could have with flagship non M cars with the Z4 and 335i and I think it's time I go for the real deal. I'm really glad to have the e39 to keep me going in the mean time, if I had bought a sh*t box for family duties as everybody was recommending I think I would've been depressed now!

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Peter you car was the talk of mondello today, I head you were asking practically nothing for it, I was tell chaps you had lavished that car with attention and it was a shame to see it damaged. Would have been a cracking track car.
Thanks Moe, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but yea I think I realised I wasn't interested in fixing it and wanted it gone to minimise additional costs such as towing and storage etc. I'm happy with what I got for it all things considered. If circumstances were different I would've loved to have kept it as a track car indeed.