Sooo I need to buy a jeep I can tow a track car with but can't justify running two cars anymore so i want to get something with a bit of comfort so I can use it as my daily as well. Only plan on spending 3-5k and iv seen plenty of x5s within that budget.

My question is just how heartbreaking is it gonna be to keep one on the road? I'm aiming for as low a mileage as possible but obviously turbos/injectors/dpf is the main concern with pretty much any diesel, is there any specific things to be aware of with these? I've seen diffs and rear air bags mentioned a few times on owners sites and probably my biggest fear is the auto box as I had one let go on an e60 before.

How reliable do owners find them? And are they capable enough to tow 1-1.5t?

Thanks in advance.