Just got word that the new Swisstrax Ribtrax Smooth will be available to European agents at the end of November. Essentially the same as the original Ribtrax, only the surface is flatter - this will suit more domestic type applications as it doesnt have the industrial appearance as the original.

New Ribtrax Smooth on the left, versus the original

The same spec's as the Original Ribtrax tile; 15 year warranty, Easy Install / Lift & Re-install, Low Maintenance, UV & Chemical Resistant, 30,000kg Roll Over Weight capability, etc, only the surface is flatter, and as a result the effect of a single tile giving the appearance of 4 smaller squares (2* light / dark colour) effect isnt as dramatic, picture below might help showcase what I mean.

Here is some customer insight that was provided to us recently - the lads give a run through of installation, a few issues they encountered, and their overall first impressions of the product

Thanks for looking and any questions, dont hesitate to contact me!

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