I have a full set of almost new Eton speakers which are an exact fit for many BMW models (see compatibility list here: https://www.eton-gmbh.com/fileadmin/...st_bmw_web.pdf) requiring no modification whatsoever. These are top quality German hifi speakers from a highly respected manufacturer. All speakers are boxed and ready to go. The set consists of:

1.Pair of Eton B100W component speakers for front doors ( 4''mids and 1'' silk-dome tweeters) - 175
2.Pair of Eton B100 XN 4'' coax speakers for rear shelf - 125
3. Single Eton B100 CXN 4'' coax speaker for centre-dash - 50

The sound is smooth and powerful. The silk dome tweeters give a lees sharp sound than the OEM speakers. Mid-bass is also much improved

Will take 300 for all three sets.IMG_E2126.JPGIMG_E2127.JPGEton B100W.jpg