I still prefer the sound of the v8, at the VAGE show yesterday we had a few forum members here, e46 M3, e63 M6, e92 M3 and my M4. They all sound great in their own way but I think the v8 just does it for me on sound. OK the v10 of the M6 is exotic , have a listen this with headphones on! The v10 is epic!

the M4 is stupd fast but I think the prpeviosu generation have more soul. I think Moe summed it up right with the piece about how the car feels. Outright power isn't everything. Within 6 seconds you can be in license losing territory, where's the fun in that? It is part of the reason I held on to my Mini, it just feels like you're goona die without having to hit ludicrous speeds.