I have a set of staggered fitment 230 19" alloys that are in need of a refurbishment, checking the service history 3 of the 4 were replaced by previous owner due to cracks, these 3 are scuffed along the lip, its the original 13 year old wheel that is badly scuffed and also has corrosion now from the scuffs and also in the center lug holes.

Looking at the options i have:

Refurbish wheels back to original colour - approx 400 euro
Replace with OEM replica style wheels - CSL reps, M3, M4 style 600-700 + new tyres maybe needed depending on fitment
Replace with aftermarket style lighter 18" wheels - BBS CHR or similar - 1000+ and new tyres

I like the style of the factory wheels, i wouldn't mind switching down to 18's to gain a bit more sidewall for comfort but i dont think it would suit the car style wise. My sensible self says just get them refurbished and spend the money save on an LSD