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Funny you should say it... the closing date on the house is delayed so maybe it’s a sign

Naturally I love this thing. I’d like a spin to see how it compares to the Competition and original M2. I just hate this limited edition sh1t. Just produce it, or don’t produce the damn thing. It’ll be like all the other models that end up costing way more than they’re worth and be bought by people who buy cars as investments and most will spend their life tucked away in garages. Very sad.
There will only be 55 RHD examples for the UK & Ireland market. I’d say it will be a case that you will have to be invited to buy one, just like a limited edition Ferrari or Rolex. BMW will be asking for evidence that the prospective owners have a long history of BMW M purchases through their dealer network.
55 slots would be easy to fill with cash ready buyers from London on its own never mind the whole of the UK and Ireland. Many will definitely end up in cosy garages for sure as a result and others will end up being sold onwards for above “sticker price”.