This BMW X5 4.0d E70 came to us with strange noises from engine bay . We had only one , and wright suggestion ... big end bearings are gone .... Engine was taken out , fully stripped apart ,manifold fully stripped and cleaned , swirl flaps removed . By its visual condition, u can clearly say , service intervals are way too long , and these N engines really donít like it . It was about 90k Mls on the clock , timing chains was tired as well , big end bearings was very bad , one fully destroyed, crank damaged badly as well . These cranks , after such damage are not suitable for repair. To get another SH engine was quite difficult, and cost fee grands as well , and easy could be in similar condition . The owner nearly bought one on Ebay in UK , but thanks god we told him to ask lot questions and info we got was quite strange ,this forced the owner for reviews about seller and found that itís spam .... they sell the cat in the bag .... So only option we had , was, brand new crankshaft and full engine rebuild . New seals , gaskets , bearings , timing chain full kit , piston rings and list goes on and on . So at least now , we know what this engine will have lot happy miles ahead ..... lot pictures to follow , so please enjoy them

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