Hi guys,

Quick question for anyone who may have an insight.

Have an e91 318d/320d 2008 daily driver.

Needs discs, and have had a reoccurring caliper issue so 1/2 calipers, passenger side done flexes/cleaned calipers internally/bled still sticking so defo need replacing.

Can get 335i calipers and carriers for a handy price so would like to fit even though I'm aware they'd be overkill on a measly 170 breaker.

I often carry heavy loads in the back engines/gboxes etc, also wouldnt mint having hefty discs and calipers behind the wheels either.

I've run into different opinions online some saying they bolt straight on with carriers some saying hubs need to be changed

Anybody done it? Know of someone who has, can it be done? Won't bother if I need hubs as well

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